TitleEvaluation of selection procedures for computerized adaptive testing with polytomous items
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
Authorsvan Rijn, PW, Eggen, T, Hemker, BT, Sanders, PF
JournalApplied Psychological Measurement
Publication Languageeng
Keywordscomputerized adaptive testing

In the present study, a procedure that has been used to select dichotomous items in computerized adaptive testing was applied to polytomous items. This procedure was designed to select the item with maximum weighted information. In a simulation study, the item information function was integrated over a fixed interval of ability values and the item with the maximum area was selected. This maximum interval information item selection procedure was compared to a maximum point information item selection procedure. Substantial differences between the two item selection procedures were not found when computerized adaptive tests were evaluated on bias and the root mean square of the ability estimate.