IACAT Member,

Earlier this week, we distributed a list of nominations for IACAT board elections, and biographies of the candidates.  Today we will send out an email with the link to submit your vote.  Here are some instructions for you:

1.  You will receive an email from "FastTest Web" regarding a test code.  We are using this high-security test code approach to ensure that everyone votes only once, and we can verify identity.  This code can only be used once, by you.

2.  The email will look something like the one below.  Copy the test code (highlighted in yellow here) and then click on the link.  Paste the test code into the login screen to enter the voting screen.

3.  The voting will be presented in a test similar to a multiple choice format.  Please select one candidate.  All IACAT members can vote on Vice President.  If you are in Europe or Asia, you will be asked to vote for your regional representative.

4.  When you have made your choices, click the "I am done" button you will see in the lower right of the screen.  This will officially submit your vote.



This email contains a test code to take a test delivered by FastTEST Web. This code applies only to the examinee and test listed below. The code can also be used to reenter a test if it is interrupted. Please keep this information confidential.

Name: First Last
Test Name: IACAT Vice President Voting
Test Code: JYN-602-946-326

Visit https://app.fasttestweb.com/testing/pr/20/2 to log in.