The 2014 Computerized Adaptive Testing Summit: Facing and Solving Educational and Psychological Measurement Challenges in the 21st Century

Hyatt Regency Hotel ▪ Princeton, N.J., USA ▪ October 8–10, 2014


Call for Proposals


About the 2014 IACAT Summit

The International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) will hold its 2014 Computerized Adaptive Testing Summit in Princeton, N. J., USA, on October 8–10, 2014. The summit is hosted by Educational Testing Service (ETS), and this year’s theme is “Facing and Solving Educational and Psychological Measurement Challenges in the 21st Century.” The summit will focus on the following topics:

·         state-of-the-art psychometric research on computerized adaptive testing (CAT)

·         new conceptions of CAT that are responsive to the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving conceptions of student achievement

·         developments in the psychometric theory of assessment design that incorporate adaptiveness

·         applications of CAT in the contexts of personality, workforce and mental health

·         new technologies to support the growing volume of tests

·         new technologies to support new response modalities and accessibility


Beginning this year, IACAT will present the Young Researcher Award. The award recipient will receive a grant to attend the conference and will be invited to present a paper during the conference. To be eligible for the award, the scholar must be under 35, have an interest in CAT, and hold at least a Master’s degree or have completed at least three years of graduate study. Nominations are due by May 1, 2014. For further details, please go to the conference website.


The summit will be held in Princeton, N.J.—home to Princeton University, the Institute for Advanced Study, ETS and many other world-renowned organizations and companies. The historic town of Princeton is conveniently located between New York City and Philadelphia and is close to many major highways as well as public transportation routes that serve both cities.



Proposal requirements

IACAT welcomes proposals for conference session presentations on any aspect of CAT. Proposals must include the following components:

  1. Title (no longer than 15 words)
  2. Author(s) and their affiliation(s)
  3. Abstract (500 words or less, single-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font)
  4. Email address for the submitting author
  5. Required level of understanding of the subject matter (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)


The deadline for submission is June 30, 2014. Your proposals will be reviewed and notice of acceptance will be sent via email by July 11, 2014. To submit your proposal, fill in the proposal form.



Who should submit a proposal?


Anyone who researches or works in the field of CAT can submit a proposal. Although the summit this year is focused on certain aspects of CAT, we are open to diverse proposals to facilitate the exchange of novel ideas and promote all areas of CAT.



Host a future conference

IACAT welcomes proposals from organizations to host a future conference. The host of the 2015 conference will be announced during the 2014 conference. The IACAT conference committee will support the host throughout conference planning. If you are interested in hosting a future conference, please fill out our conference planning form. For further information, contact us directly at





Keynote Speakers

Fritz Drasgow, University of Illinois

Gunter Maris, Cito and University of Amsterdam

Robert Mislevy, ETS

Mary Pommerich, Defense Manpower Data Center





Invited Speakers

Carol Chapelle, Iowa State University

Robert Gibbons, University of Chicago

Liberty Munson, Microsoft

Daniel Wakeman, ETS

Scientific Committee
John Barnard, IACAT and EPEC
Cliff Donath, IACAT and Philips Healthcare
Theo Eggen, IACAT and Cito, University of Twente
Lawrence Rudner, IACAT and GMAC
Nathan Thompson, IACAT and Assessment Systems Corporation
David J. Weiss, IACAT and University of Minnesota



Program Committee
Isaac Bejar, ETS
Alina von Davier, ETS
Duanli Yan, ETS


For more information, please visit