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The Salt Lake Tribune - Utahns can say Goodbye to Fill-in-the-bubble Tests By Lisa Schencker 05.29.13 | 8:15 am

The Wall Street Journal - Adaptive Fan Rig Testing Underway with U.S. Air Force By Matthew Bates  09.25.13 | 9:05 am

Mail Online - End of 'Turn your papers over now' By Matt Chorley,  | 09.20.13 | 3:27 am

Education Week Adaptive Testing Evolves to Assess Common-Core Skills By Michelle R. Davis 10.15.12 | 9:05 am

New YorkTimes - Embrace Adaptive Testing By Vicki Davis  | 01.03.12 | 0:00 am

Peking University: School of Chinese as a second language Self-adaptive Testing System Officially Underway

Education amendment from Sen. Franken passes, will more accurately test student knowledge By Mikhail Zinshteyn | 10.20.11 | 5:10 pm

CAT methods of student assessment, Franken said, can assist teachers in identifying a student’s strengths and weaknesses in real time, since results for the tests are generated immediately. CAT Amendment 

Utah Public Education Legislative Committee  approved the State Board’s top priority for the upcoming legislative session, Statewide Adaptive Testing sponsored by Utah House Majority Whip Rep. Greg Hughes (R-Draper). This proposal requires all of Utah’s public schools to transition to administering standardized tests using computer adaptive technology. It was also amended before the committee voted unanimously to adopt it as a committee bill. The amendment upped the appropriation by more than $1 million to $6.7 million.

Career Point has launched [First Adaptive Testing Platform of India] Friday, October 14, 2011 at 1:28am

Knewton raises $33M for adapting online education for each student Oct. 13,2011

Why Computer Adaptive Testing?

The Virtual World of Talent Measurement

The U.S. Army is nearing completion intelligent battlefield adaptive testing