TitleA Paradigm for Multinational Adaptive Testing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsZara, A
Conference NameAnnual Conference of the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing
Date Published10/2011
KeywordsCAT, multinational adaptive testing

Impact of Issues in “Exported” Adaptive Testing

  • Exam content issues
  • Validity issues/construct differences
  • Method bias
  • DIF (item performance)
  • Interpretation of scores
  • “what do they mean?”

Goal is construct equivalency in the new environment

Research Questions

  • How can we assure that the constructs being measured across the geographies are equivalent?
  • Do we need to assure that the educational opportunities are “equivalent” across geographies?
  • Do standard CAT content balancing constraints work?
  • Computerized testing is common in the US, is there a need to re-visit the basic research on modality comparability in different geographies?