TitlePsychometric properties of an emotional adjustment measure: An application of the graded response model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRubio, VJ, Aguado, D, Hontangas, PM, Hernández, JM
JournalEuropean Journal of Psychological Assessment
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1015-5759 (Print)
Accession Number2007-01587-007
Keywordscomputerized adaptive tests, Emotional Adjustment, Item Response Theory, Personality Measures, personnel recruitment, Psychometrics, Samejima's graded response model, test reliability, validity

Item response theory (IRT) provides valuable methods for the analysis of the psychometric properties of a psychological measure. However, IRT has been mainly used for assessing achievements and ability rather than personality factors. This paper presents an application of the IRT to a personality measure. Thus, the psychometric properties of a new emotional adjustment measure that consists of a 28-six graded response items is shown. Classical test theory (CTT) analyses as well as IRT analyses are carried out. Samejima's (1969) graded-response model has been used for estimating item parameters. Results show that the bank of items fulfills model assumptions and fits the data reasonably well, demonstrating the suitability of the IRT models for the description and use of data originating from personality measures. In this sense, the model fulfills the expectations that IRT has undoubted advantages: (1) The invariance of the estimated parameters, (2) the treatment given to the standard error of measurement, and (3) the possibilities offered for the construction of computerized adaptive tests (CAT). The bank of items shows good reliability. It also shows convergent validity compared to the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPQ-A; Eysenck & Eysenck, 1975) and the Big Five Questionnaire (BFQ; Caprara, Barbaranelli, & Borgogni, 1993). (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)